How to invest in the Longevity Pension Fund

The Longevity Pension Fund can be purchased through licensed financial advisors and wealth management firms, and is also available through several discount/direct brokerages. Please see the following list of licensed dealers through whom investments in the Fund can be made.*

* The inclusion of the dealers/platforms above in no way implies endorsement or sponsorship of the Fund. These entities may distribute the fund where appropriate and suitable for their clients. This list is subject to change and may not reflect the most recent list of dealers/platforms.

Always speak to your advisor before investing

We are continually working with other firms and brokerages to make the Longevity Pension Fund available for all investors in Canada. If your brokerage is not listed above, let them know that you’re interested in the Fund and would like to see it offered.

*Although distributions are designed to increase over time, they may go up or down and are not guaranteed. The level will be assessed regularly, and impacted by market conditions and unit holder redemptions (both voluntary and due to death). This figure is for illustrative purposes only. Distributions and returns for investment funds may fluctuate and are never guaranteed. This should not be considered investment advice or financial advice, and is not tailored to the needs or circumstances of any investor. Always reach out to professional advisors to consider your unique circumstances prior to investing.
**You can always access the lesser of unpaid capital (initial value of your investment less any income payments made) or your net asset value. Fees may apply. Please review the prospectus or speak to your advisor for more details.