Retirement planning doesn't start at retirement, which is why Longevity has two classes designed for each phase of life

Longevity Decumulation Class

for all Canadians 65 and over

Want income for life and financial flexibility? The Decumulation Class is designed to provide you with a lifetime income stream like a pension plan.

How to invest: You can invest in one lump sum and/or contribute whenever you see fit. 

Longevity Accumulation Class

for all Canadians 64 or younger

The Longevity Pension Fund is a turnkey solution where you can access pension-style investing and contribute towards your savings goals, before transitioning to the Decumulation Class when you turn 65.

How to invest: You can invest in one lump sum at any age and/or on an ongoing basis (e.g., weekly, monthly, etc.) to create a disciplined savings plan for your future retirement.

How does it work?*

  1. At 66 years old, you decide to retire and invest $100,000 into the Longevity Pension Fund.
  2. You are invested in our Decumulation Class and are put in a cohort with other investors your age. Mortality is forecasted for the cohort, and income rates are calculated for everyone in the pool.
  3. The pool of money is invested to conservatively grow and help fund distributions to everyone in your cohort.
  4. You begin receiving monthly payments totalling $6,150 annually.
  5. Years pass and the number of investors in the cohort decreases, as some people pass away and others choose to redeem. Mortality credits remain in the pool for the benefit of the other investors.
  6. Your monthly income from the fund begins to increase. You are pleased.

Need a clearer picture? Meet our friend, Nicole, for a theoretical case study of how this would all play out.

Retirement should be spent doing things you love, not worrying about money

Income for life Icon

Income for life

The Longevity Pension Fund is the first solution fully accessible to all Canadians designed to provide lifetime income. Investors can expect payments every month for as long as they live, starting at 6.15% annually for individuals 65 years of age.
Income for security Icon

Income for security

Longevity's mutual fund structure offers the potential for much higher income payments than traditional lifetime income solutions, with the opportunity for significant pay increases as you get older.** Life should get better with age, and you should feel confident that your finances will too.

As we all know, life is unpredictable and things happen. If anything changes in your life, the Longevity Pension Fund gives you have the flexibility to redeem the lesser of your unpaid capital or your net asset value at any time. See our FAQ for more details.

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**The Longevity Pension Fund is designed to provide income for life, with an initial targeted annual income payment of 6.15% for a 65-year-old individual. The payments are designed to increase over the long term; however, they may go up or down to reflect the performance of the underlying investments and other factors such as mortality experience of the cohort. A traditional lifetime income solution could include a lifetime income annuity with a 10-year guarantee period, which has on average a fixed starting payment of 5.76% for 65-year-old males (Source: Cannex, May 19, 2021).

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