Soulmates: The Longevity Pension Fund and the RRIF

Simon Barcelon


25 Sep 2023


Retirement planning is a long process that typically starts when employees begin to invest a portion of their earnings. They will spend those savings to cover living expenses when they are no longer working. To do so, they often use Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), a retirement-focused investment account. Once investors retire and begin to draw from their savings to fund retirement spending, these accounts convert into Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs).

These accounts were designed to encourage saving for retirement with a tax-efficient means of growing and then drawing down retirement savings. When the Longevity Pension Fund (LPF) is held in these account structures, several benefits can contribute to a successful retirement:

Both are designed for retirement

Since Longevity optimizes retirement income to ensure retired investors can spend throughout their retirement, helping meet lifestyle goals, investing in the Longevity Pension Fund within these income-oriented accounts is a natural fit.   As an example, similar logic underpins how Longevity’s Income Policy sets distribution levels based on the remaining life expectancy of a cohort of investors, and how the CRA’s mandated withdrawal level rises as RRIF holders get older.  Both reflect the evolving life expectancy as people age.  

Meeting the RRIF Minimums

During the annual review of the Fund’s distribution levels, conducted in close partnership with an independent actuarial consulting firm, the distribution levels are adjusted according to the fund’s Income Policy to ensure each cohort is adequately funded. One of the core elements of that policy is that distribution levels meet the RRIF minimum withdrawal requirements for people of those ages. To illustrate this, the chart below shows the yield LPF provides in a median case scenario as a % of its year-end Net Asset Value (NAV) vs. the RRIF minimum withdrawal schedule:

LPF yield as a % of nav vs RRIF minimum withdrawalsFor illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of expected or guaranteed performance by the Fund.

Maintain rising income from your RRIF over time

The continually rising minimum withdrawal levels will mean that most RRIF accounts diminish in value over time; as a result, the amount withdrawn each year will begin to decrease in one’s 90s. For some people, this could align with a period when they may be incurring rising medical or other care costs. However, the Longevity Pension Fund portfolio supplements market gains with “longevity credits”, which are expected to grow over time as mortality increases with age. This has a powerful effect on sustaining and growing the income level, even in the face of rising RRIF minimum withdrawals. So, as most investors are seeing their RRIF accounts deplete and the income they withdraw decline, Longevity investors can expect to see rising income levels from their LPF holdings in their RRIF account.

The bottom line

Incorporating the Longevity Pension Fund into an RRSP and/or RRIF account offers tax advantages that can enhance a retiree’s financial security during their golden years. Every investor’s circumstances and preferences are unique, so it’s important to consult with your financial professional or investment advisor to assess your situation and help make an informed decision regarding the integration of LPF. By doing so, retirees can maximize their retirement spending, achieve financial stability, and enjoy a fulfilling and peaceful retirement.

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